Student Exchange

Student Exchange program is one of the best ways to build your career with extreme opportunity in which students from a secondary school or university study abroad at one of their institutions’s partner institutions.This programs provides students with an opportunity to study in a different country ( USA , Canada , and Australia ) and environment experiencing the history and culture of another country.

Foreign Language Training Hub

Osaka Educare have a foreign language training centre . Mainly focusing English , German & French. Experienced teachers giving training for IELTS, GMAT , SAT , GRE .We provide a friendly but professional environment for you to study foreign languages effectively.You can enjoy your studies by comfortable timings.

Application Procedure

The application process for studying abroad is time consuming and requires applicants to start preparing well in advance of their anticipated start date.It is very important to begin the the admission process early because in many cases application deadlines are far in advance of the start of the semester.You also need to allow time for scheduling any standardized tests needed for admission and then having the results of these tests sent to institutions.There is no uniform world wide application system. Each institution establishes its own unique policies.

The application proceedings are as follows:-
1. Identifying country , Universities and the course of your interest.
2. Request universities for Application forms.
3. Taking various required tests.
4. Arranging and Preparing Essays and recommendation letters.
5. Completing and sending Application Forms along with required documents.