Study in Singapore

Singapore is a country that lies in the heart of Southeast Asia. Singapore is a top education hub that offers an excellent education system at an affordable cost. Singapore offers unique learning experience to the students in the form of a perfect blend of social , cultural , and educational mix. In addition, the country offers the sophistication of modern living turning Singapore into truly vibrant and cosmopolitan destination for international students.

Singapore is a remarkable country. Known as one of the “Four Asian Tigers”, Singapore has experienced rapid economic growth while simultaneously becoming one of the freest economies in the world. Singapore is composed of 60+ islands and home to four official languages; Malay, English, Tamil and Mandarin Chinese. That Singaporean culture is so diverse makes studying at the universities in Singapore much more enticing. Studying in Singapore is best for students who only speak English and are interested in Asia, city of life, mixed cultures, languages, high standards of living, food, etc.

No doubt every student will experience a perfect student life in Singapore. Singapore was ranked as one of QS’s top three “Best Student Cities “ for multiple reasons. Singapore offers international students high probability of employment after graduation. There are popular courses in animation, design, game development, music etc. Courses in law and combined postgraduate courses in management and engineering are extremely popular choices for students from South Asia.

The competition to study in Singapore is fierce thanks to a recent cap placed on foreign enrollment by the government in order to ensure places for nationals, to get the best chance at acceptance, you will need high scores in IELTS/TOEFL. Once accepted to a university, you have just two weeks to apply online for a Student Pass after which you will receive an in- principle approval letter. Keep this letter handy: it incorporates your visa and is necessary to pass through security checkpoints’ Upon arrival, you will be screened for TB , and HIV. A clean bill of health is required before you can be issued a student pass. Tuition fees range widely depending on the institution and your course of study. Finding an affordable place to live can be a challenge .The housing office of your admitting university is valuable partner in this process.